Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Am Triumphant At Last

I've had a simmering lust for a Triumph Bonneville since 2005, when Rider sent me a T100 to road test. Last Friday I finally bought one. I have only a few hundred miles on it, but it's already true love. It reminds me of all the good characteristics of the motorcycles I grew up with––it's light, and narrow, and about as complicated as a ball-peen hammer––as well as the not-so-good, like the lack of wind protection, the thin seat, and appalling fuel mileage. But what really counts is every time I look at it I smile.

When I brought it home and parked it next to my GL1800, it looked like a scale model of a British bike next to a museum exhibit of a blue whale. It didn't take long before the Bonnie looked right and the Wing started to look huge and bloated. I'm at a very fortunate place in my life where I could, if I chose, keep both. Whether I will is unclear right now. But last night I took the GPS off the Wing and put it on the Triumph, along with a tank bag wired for 12-volt power. Tonight I tried combinations of soft luggage to find a good touring set-up. By the time I was through the Gold Wing seat was piled high with tank bags, tools, and wires––an 1800cc work bench. So I might have answered my own question without realizing it.

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Lol W said...

You can't beat a well made British bike Jerry!!