Friday, September 9, 2011

A Really Big Addition To The Garage

Lead Wing. Hondaminium. Hondapotamus. Go ahead, laugh. I've heard 'em all. I don't care. I love this thing. I've put just two tanks of gas through it and I'm already addicted to the stereo and the cruise control.

Contrary to my long-standing custom of not naming motorcycles, I've begun to refer to this one as Jumbo. I once rode a real, live elephant. This is sort of like that, except it's faster, and smells better, and has more trunk space.

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motomark said...

Jerry, Glad to hear you've landed on your feet. I expect you'll like the wing a lot, I borrow one from friends now and then. Anyway I just found out what had happened to the Cycle Guide deal. I'll miss it but I'm happy to know you'll remain among those with a roof over their heads. I believe Mr Doll your old coworker still has boxes of cool SR stuff (konis, etc). Don Emde can put you in touch with me anytime. Mark Johnson (your former coworker)