Monday, May 16, 2011

Project Gift Horse: The Paper Chase

Well, that sucks.

I took Gift Horse's California pink slip and bill of sale to the local DMV office a while ago. I'll spare you the back-and-forth, but the gist of it is this: I need to contact the last person on the bill of sale (which was signed off in 1992) and get him to sign the bike over to me. The way I do this is to write him a letter; if the letter comes back with answer, problem solved. If the letter comes back marked undeliverable because the addressee has moved or died or whatever, then I bring the unopened letter to the DMV, along with the bike, and they'll "review" my application for an Oregon title in my name.

My understanding of the word "review" in this context does not include a guarantee that I'll be given the title. I'm unwilling to spend money on a bike I can't register and ride, so Project Gift Horse is on hiatus for now.


Steve Heywood said...

Take the pink slip back your closest CA DMV office. Transfer title into your name, wait for your new pink slip to appear in the mail and problem solved.

I know that you live in OR and this is a pain in the ass.

Jerry Smith said...

The pink was signed off by the original owner, and the buyer's name filled in below that. So as far as the DMV is concerned, that second guy is the one I need to have sign it over to me. Working on Plan B...