Friday, May 20, 2011

Project Gift Horse: Oh, What The Hell

Notwithstanding my unwillingness to spend money on a bike I can't yet register, I put some sweat equity into it yesterday and started pulling the engine. If you didn't already know the 500cc single is a real boneshaker, you'd suspect it right away based on the number of places it's bolted solidly to the frame. Along the way I took photos of every part of the bike, zooming in on where the wiring harness is routed.

As I removed bolts and widgets and mounting plates I put them in labeled zip-loc bags. If you've ever taken something large and complicated apart, and then tried to put it back together again a long time later, you'll know why I did this. Some of the parts that came off the bike weren't worth wasting a plastic bag. I'll find or improvise new ones as needed.

I stopped just short of taking the engine out of the frame. As simple as this bike is, the engine is heavy, and my back hurts if I just think about bending over and wrestling that lump of metal out and onto the floor. I'll wait until I can coerce a buddy into helping me.

Yesterday I also sent off an envelope to the former owner at his last known address, which is on the back of the California pink slip. In it is a blank Oregon bill of sale, a letter explaining that I now have the bike he bought in 1992, and a polite request to sign the bill of sale so I can get on with Project Gift Horse.

Prior to mailing it, I Googled the former owner's address. I have no idea what was there in 1992, but now, it's a Salvation Army halfway house.

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Joe C said...

I've got an '80 SR500 and a couple XT projects myself. Hopefully the title situation works out for you. If not, you could likely find a titled frame to use your parts on. I bought I titled XT500 frame awhile back for $30, to put away just in case I ever find a lost title bike.