Friday, April 29, 2011

...And We're Back

Life is what happens while you're making other plans. I certainly never planned to be writing about cars, but that's how it worked out. It's like this...

When American Rider magazine went under in 2009, it blew a huge hole in my annual income from writing. The next year was not in any way fun. That I'd be still living in a house today, and not in a refrigerator carton behind a convenience store, was not entirely a given. Then, at the end of last year, I reconnected with Jeff Karr, whose job at Motorcyclist I took over in 1988 after he became editor of Motor Trend

Jeff was doing some work for an automotive website called Automedia, which ran another site called Real Car Guys. RCG was looking for another blogger, and thanks to a good word or two from Jeff, I was offered the job. Now I write for both sites.

The car guys keep me busy with daily deadlines, and sometimes I write two or three stories a day. So when the metaphorical five-o'clock whistle blows I'm outta here. Sad to say, this means I no longer have the time or energy to work on Cycle Guide Magazine. My partner in that blog, Dain Gingerelli, is involved in another project that leaves him in the same position. CGM has been dormant since December, and is likely to remain that way for some time. 

But every now and then I get the urge to blather on about something to do with motorcycles in the faint hope someone out there will be entertained or educated. When and if the urge hits me strongly enough, I'll try to live up to both of those ambitions.

So if you were a regular reader here in the past, or if you're only here because a long-forgotten subscription just sent you an email about a new post on this blog ("Tread Life? What's that? Damn spammers..."), welcome. I'll do what I can to make your subsequent visits worthwhile.

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Stuman714 in Indy said...

Great to see you back, Jerry, as well as back with it! Keep on keepin on!

Mike 'Stu' Stuhler