Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Screaming Deal: Valentino Rossi "Scream" Replica Helmet With Your Face On It

In 2008, at the Mugello round of the MotoGP World Championship series, Valentino Rossi debuted a helmet with his own face, mouth wide open in a scream, painted on it. Now you can follow in Vale's whimsical footsteps. Go here to create your own customized AGV helmet, which you can then have shipped directly to you. At least that's the idea, or so I'm told, although I'm not completely sure because the pertinent information is in Italian.

Still, it's fun to mess with the site and see how goofy a pic you can graft onto a helmet. Daisy, Tread Life's editorial assistant and morale officer, was initially thrilled with the idea, until it became apparent AGV does not make helmets in dog sizes.

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