Sunday, January 24, 2010

Look, Signal, Manoeuvre: Where's Monty Python When You Really Need Them?

Here's a great piece of moto-nostalgia, a British motorcycle safety film from the 1960s. Note the the vintage bikes and riding gear, as well as the Orwellian undercurrent sounded by the grim-faced factory boss lying in wait for tardy worker drones. I wasn't aware that Britbikes of the era lacked throttle-return springs, but one of the ones in the video appears to since the rider pulls away from the curb...sorry, kerb, while signaling with his right hand. No mirrors or turn signals on the bikes, either. I guess safety was a relative term even then.


Larry Parmenter said...

Wonderful vintage film! Did you notice when Tom's friend approached the work barrier his big red L learner's designation was missing from his bike? It mysteriously reappeared once back on the road. Fun to watch, thanks for sharing.


AK said...

Wonderfull film. Funny too.

Canajun said...

Lots has changed in 40 years! Great film.

Anonymous said...

Funny film.
Tom was not that good a rider !
He should have stopped at the crossing for the old lady (time 5.34)
His mate was so like I was it made me laugh. Get out of bed at 7.15 and still make it to work for 7.30 (6.5 miles up the road) Rode like a complete idiot but had fun doing it.