Friday, January 8, 2010

Harley of the Future?

There isn’t much to be cheerful about in Milwaukee these days. Harley’s sales are down, its stock is weak, and judging by the introduction of the new Fat Boy Lo (that’s not a typo), things are so tough the company is even cutting back on silent letters.

But this ought to get them laughing at H-D. It’s concept bike by designer Miguel Cotto, who has the foresight/chutzpah to suggest this might be what Harleys look like in 2020. It has hubless wheels, and presumably some sort of suspension, although none is apparent. Oh, and somewhere in there is an 883 Sportster engine, which is like powering the Starship Enterprise with a small-block Chevy.

See more of Cotto’s flight of fancy here. Then try really hard to picture a bearded and tattooed bro in chaps, fingerless gloves, and a cat-dish beanie helmet riding it, and laugh along with the folks in Milwaukee.

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