Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inside Lines: Loud Pipes Equal Terrorism?

"'Instead of honoring noise terrorism, our representatives should protect us from the awful noise of Harley riders,' said George Atwood, a Noise Free America member from Milton, Wis."

Here inside the spacious Tread Life compound, the roar of Harleys on the highway down the hill can be heard clearly, and loudly, and often. It's annoying as hell, it turns the non-riding public against all the motorcyclists who don't have crippling inferiority complexes, and there's no real excuse for grown men and women to behave like a pack of five-year-olds whose clueless grandparents gave them drums for their birthday. Still, comparing obnoxious dimwits with loud pipes to fanatics who randomly blow up people is a pretty big leap.


Larry Parmenter said...

Well said Jerry, I'm not sure how your statement will be received within the HD community but I applaud your courage for making it. I read the report (leap) and can only state that Wis. State Sen. Jeff Plale is a f---king idiot. I'm often asked if I ride a Harley and my knee-jerk response is always "Jesus NO! I've got nothing against the bikes, it's the morons sitting on them I can't stand. What a sad statement they're sending to our society and the rest of the world.


A.Hellrider said...

Your line of thought has brought on the avalanche of "for your own safety" legislation that has killed our civil rights in this country. Let the stupid "look at me" riders have their noise makers.
Our law makers do not see any separation in the motorcycles, they would like to see them all gone. So how about a little solidarity. The idiots in CA. want to add emission standards on mc's because they create sooo much polution. If you really value your ability to ride a motorcycle in the US, you need to stand up for ALL motorcyclist.

I was just blog surfing....see you on the road.

Jerry Smith said...

I do value my ability to ride a motorcycle in the U.S., which is why I wish those whose behavior is prompting a lot of anti-bike legislation would grow up and quiet down.

And solidarity is a fine thing, but it assumes we all have the same opinions. Who gets to decide what opinions the entire motorcycling community should share?

Look, the writing has been on the wall for years. Public backlash is growing against loud pipes, to the point where the guy in the linked article equates them with terrorism. That's an absurd and outrageous leap of logic, as I pointed out in the post, but that's what it's coming down to.

Along with rights comes the responsibility to use them wisely; that's why freedom of speech doesn't extend to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. All motorcyclists need to take responsibility for their actions before they wake up to find that some of them have ruined the sport for all of them.

Larry Parmenter said...

My response to "Hellrider"

Hellrider you said to Jerry "Your line of thought has brought on the avalanche of "for your own safety" legislation that has killed our civil rights in this country."

Wake up and focus on the real issue man, people (including me) don't want their lives disrupted by little boys making noise. If you can't ride without pissing people off maybe you shouldn't be allowed to ride at all. I'd vote for that and screw your self-indulgent sense of "personal freedom". When you're busting my ears you're taking away MY rights and personal freedom.