Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5 Million Readers!

I received this press release this morning via email:


Members Will Band Together to Ride on June 29

MILWAUKEE – (June 16, 2009) On Monday, June 29, 2009, Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) members around the world will band together in a singular challenge, to log a cumulative five million riding miles by the day’s end.

Following the phenomenal success of last year’s inaugural Million Mile Monday, which tripled the original goal of one million miles ridden by H.O.G. members to 3,000,960 miles, the goal for this year’s ride on June 29 has been stretched to five million miles.

I like riding motorcycles as much as the next guy. But I can't help but wonder, with gas prices at their typical summer high and global warming on the minds of many scientists, if convincing a bunch of people to go out and ride just to reach an arbitrary mileage mark is a good idea.

If it were for some charity, I'd probably feel better about it. But the only organizations it seems likely to benefit are oil companies, which stand to make a killing on gas, and Harley-Davidson, which is hurting right now and wouldn't mind if its customers used up a few more tires and oil filters this year, and took their bikes to Harley dealers to have them replaced.

Or maybe I'm overthinking this. Maybe what I need to do is get with the program. So here's what I'm proposing.

I'd like to get 5 million readers of this blog by Monday, June 29. To do this I'll need you to email everyone you know and tell them to visit Tread Life. And unlike the oil companies, and Harley, I'm not making a dime off this stunt, since I don't get paid to write this blog no matter how many people read it.

Which means that unlike Five Million Mile Monday, this benefits a non-profit organization. Me.

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