Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashback Friday

In 1983 motocrosser Steve Wise rode a converted Honda MX bike in the Houston Astrodome TT. Rumors flew that Honda had spent $12,000 on the bike, a phenomenal amount in those days, despite clear evidence that there wasn't enough bike to spend that much on, unless some hidden parts of it were made from gold.
(photo by Jerry Smith)

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Magnum1b said...

IN 1972 I returned from my tour of service in Japan bringing a SL100 Honda with me to my home in South Texas. My middle brother had an SL125 but had ordered and received the second 125 Elsinore to be delivered to the local dealer, Steve Wise's dad. What a bike that was. We would ride along the Second Street canal from Highway 83 to the North levee and then over to South of the Airport in McAllen where a MX track had been carved out by local riders. Steve was a marvel on anything he rode and I watched and photographed many races in South Texas where he ran off and hid from all competition. The last time I saw him he was in Atlanta at the Supercross in the Ga Dome and Pastor for the SX Crowd.