Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Wheels for Transition

The dynamic individual pictured here is Paul Peloquin. He's a very capable motorcycle rider, and a veteran of the Iron Butt Rally, in which he finished 18th in 2007. I almost got him killed a few years ago, and yet he continues to be my friend. This should tell you what sort of man he is.

So should this.

Paul works for the Oregon Department of Corrections. The DOC has 14 institutions, scattered all over the state. In conjunction with Oregon's 150th anniversary, on June 19 Paul is going to ride to all 14 of them in 24 hours to benefit Shelly's House, which provides transitional drug-free housing and services for up to 16 women offenders supervised by Marion County. These women are working toward recovery and self-sufficiency, but meanwhile are at risk of homelessness or relapse or both.

Paul figures he'll clock about 1100 miles on his ride. Still, that's a walk around the block compared to the journey the women of Shelly's House are on. Go to the Two Wheels for Transition website, check out the ride and the route and the bike, and find out how you can help.

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Daryl P said...

Proud to call him my brother. Thanks Jerry!

Marcella said...

*Very* cool, Paul!