Friday, March 27, 2009

Inside Lines

"It's an open question whether potential buyers of the Hachette titles will be able to secure funding for acquisitions, however. With global credit markets still frozen, money for the acquisition of distressed media properties like magazines and newspapers has grown scarce to the vanishing."

Why buy the latest issue of Cycle World when you can buy the whole magazine?

Update: Ad revenue figures for popular magazines reveal how the economy, and the internet, are affecting the print media; magazines broken down by category here. (Oddly, Playboy is down, Popular Mechanics is up.) Also, there are conflicting reports about whether Hachette is selling Cycle World or keeping it.

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1 comment:

Anon this time said...

I'm guessing that more people are reading Popular Mechanics for fix-it articles, so they can take care of things themselves that they used to pay others to do for them. And, of course, higher readership leads to more ad revenue.

As for Playboy, well, you don't need a magazine to do it yourself, now do you. Oh -- I forgot that everyone reads it "for the articles."