Thursday, February 26, 2009

There's Racing, And Then There's Good Racing

After a long, awful winter that seemed like it would never end, it's time to go racing again. The World Superbike season starts this weekend. Check your local TV listings.

I checked mine, and Speed, the channel that’s carrying the series in the U.S., is showing the first of the weekend’s two races on Sunday, but isn’t showing the second until Tuesday, when it will repeat race one and then show race two.

It’s been suggested that Speed is cutting its own throat by doing this. Net-savvy race fanatics already know where and how to download the entire race the day it happens, I’m told, or even stream it live, both from sites of questionable legality.

It doesn’t bother me to have the weekend’s races shown over several days. Unlike most race fans I don’t actually care who wins. In fact, my interest in who wins is so slight that the day after I watch a race I’m often unable to remember who did.

That’s because all I want to see is good racing. I don’t care who’s doing it.

This is why I enjoyed watching the 250 and 125 MotoGP races last year far more than the premier class. In the smaller classes, the bikes are more evenly matched, and the riders really have to work hard to get an advantage. This is especially true in the 125 class, where several times I saw races with a dozen lead changes among six or seven riders in the last five laps, with nose-to-tail drafts and totally hairball up-the-inside moves that made me cringe, and then whoop with joy.

So I’m going to tape the two World Superbike races on Tuesday, and later that evening sit down and watch them, probably knowing full well by then who won.

And not caring, as long as the racing’s good.

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Selena's Mom said...

It's like riding the twisties with a buddy: Doesn't matter who gets to the end first -- all that matters is the fun of the ride itself!