Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reader Survey

I got an email today from someone asking if I was all right, since I hadn’t posted anything for a few days. All’s well here, if a bit hectic. The business of writing for magazines is an unpredictable one because deadlines overlap; one magazine I work for is a monthly, another is a bi-monthly, another comes out nine times a year, and yet another has a schedule I haven’t really figured out yet, but it seems like I always have a story for it in the works.

I’m not complaining, especially in an economy in which a lot of people don’t have jobs to complain about. But there are times during the year when all the deadlines seem to coincide, and when that happens the blog has to take a back seat to work. That’s what’s been going on for the last two weeks.

Also, with the bike down for parts I haven’t been riding, so I haven’t been thinking about motorcycles all that much except to the extent that my work demands it.

All the same, I’m taking a minute to ask regular readers of Tread Life to drop me a line (treadlifeblog at yahoo dot com) or post in the comments section about what you like and don’t like about this blog.

I decided at the outset not to turn Tread Life into an online diary, mostly because I don’t think anyone really cares about the minutiae of my life, and because the day-to-day stuff isn’t really all that interesting anyway, not even to me.

Instead, I’ve tried—with varying degrees of success; nobody hits a home run every time at bat—to make each post entertaining, informative, and relevant to motorcycles and the people who ride them. I’d like to know if I’ve succeeded, and if that’s what you really want.

If I haven’t, and it isn't, then tell me what you want to read here, and I’ll see what I can do.

And thanks for reading.

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tedder said...


I love having a combination of current moto news and original "articles" about motos, riding, new bikes, whatever. The retro things (Flashback Friday) have been nice.

Oh, and more cowbell.

biodsl said...

I'm enjoying the blog, Jerry. More of a thinking persons approach to the often overlook facets of our chosen hobby. Your insights into moto-media are especially interesting to me.

Selena's Mom said...

I used to ride in the late 80s and have good memories from those times, so it's fun to be reminded of those days and the camaraderie of motorcycling. I enjoy reading about m/c trips; I'm curious about Iron Butt stuff; I enjoy your slices of everyday motorcyclist life.

Plus, I just plain enjoy reading your writing. It's refreshingly well crafted.

So, to me, you're succeeding. My suggestion? (Not that you asked!) Give yourself a break on frequency. Most of the blogs I read only post a couple of times a week.