Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, this sucks.

I rode to the coffee shop yesterday afternoon, and when I got to town and hit the stop-and-go traffic, I noticed what I thought was brake surging. Nothing major, but just enough to get my attention.

When I got home I discovered the left fork seal had blown; there was oil all over the tube. It wasn't the brakes that were surging, it was the suspension.

I called the Suzuki shop to order two new seals and dust covers. I figure if one blew, the other might be getting ready, so I might as well swap them both out at the same time.

It’s been a long time since I did any major repair work on a bike, and this is the first thing that’s gone wrong with my V-Strom in more than 17,000 miles. So I was unprepared for the news that two seals and two dust covers would cost me $57.

I know if I’d shopped around I probably could have bought them cheaper somewhere else, or on the net, but the next closest Suzuki dealer is 125 miles from here, and maybe if I spend a little money with the local one it’ll be less likely to go belly-up like the Suzuki dealer that used to be only 80 miles away.

Call it my own personal economic stimulus package.

The seals will be here in a few days. I’ve already made an appointment to have them replaced, but that’s two weeks away. That will give me some time to do a few other things to the bike I’ve been putting off, things I need to do before I go on any long rides this summer. Given the time of year I probably won’t miss out on too many good riding days in the meantime.

So I’m on four wheels until further notice. The only one who’s not even slightly bummed about all this is Daisy, Tread Life's editorial assistant and morale officer, who gets to go with me on my afternoon coffee runs for the next two weeks.

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Selena's mom said...

You gotta get that gal a sidecar!

Jerry Smith said...

Donations gratefully accepted...