Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Milwaukee Malaise, The Saga Continues

I hate to keep going on about this, but I just can't get the phrase "circling the drain" out of my head.

"Harley-Davidson Q4 net income down 58%"

And before anyone accuses me of schadenfreude, let me point out that I’ve had some genuinely great rides on Harley press-fleet loaners I got through American Rider magazine. I did my Iron Butt Association Saddlesore on a Heritage Softail. I had a Sportster that was as much fun just to start up and listen to as some other bikes were to ride. I rode an Electra Glide over the Cascades, through the desert, over the Sierras, across California's central valley, and up the Oregon coast, clocking 500 miles a day for three days, and when I got home I damn near turned around and went back the way I'd come.

So, yeah, I sort of like Harleys.

I hope this ends well. I really do.

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